Spotlight on Lindsay Stabile +

I used to say the season my mom was institutionalized was my darkest chapter. Now I know different. Life is never going to be easy, we just need to embrace the good moments and learn how to pivot when things get challenging. We also need to learn to accept help from others and to practice [...]

Compelling Cancun

Cancun is not for everyone, however, once you get to know the city, it's wonderful and full of so much to explore. Interestingly, the name Cancun originates from the Mayan name kaan kun. From stunning white sand beaches to traditional Mexican cuisine and culture, there is truly something for everyone. It's a tropical paradise and [...]

Ambling Around Amalfi

Ambling Around Amalfi

From wandering the busy streets of Sorrento to lounging in the beach town of Maiori, my trip to the Italian coast did not disappoint and I truly got to experience Amalfi in all her glory. I am going to make this blog short and sweet and include my favourite spots, a couple brief lessons, and [...]

My Amazon Faves

So as hard as it is to admit, I am an amazon addict--- chiefly because Amazon has allowed us to effortlessly shop from the comfort of our own homes and well, we've just spent more time at home than ever before. I do believe we should shop local and small when possible, however, with Amazon's [...]

Dear White Allies

Dear white allies, I've heard you and I am going to try my best to say what I think needs to be said (might be hard to swallow, but I hope you can hear me out). There is so much vulnerability and important information circulating around right now, I hope you soak it up like [...]

Travel Essentials

I recently decided to revamp my blog, so to go along with the theme of "new" I am going to show some upgrades that I have made over the years of backpacking and living abroad. (My first big adventure was moving to Australia in 2011---my first backpacking trip was to New Zealand with one of [...]