Hi I’m Jessie

Currently, I’m a grade 7 teacher in the greater Toronto area. My dharma is to help all of my students both in the classroom and on their mats to find their truest self. I am an exuberant and loving teacher that fosters connection, love, and adventure. My story of adversity makes me a liaison to many. Growing up I was a crown ward and was raised in both foster homes and by my grandparents. Currently I am an ambassador for the Children’s Aid Foundation where I promote and advocate for supporting the most vulnerable. I am a huge mental health advocate. As an educator I strive to genuinely support at-risk students and families. I have lived and taught on 4 continents (5 including North America). I love frangipanis and the ocean. Freedom is my bliss.

Happiness to me is writing, creating, and moving. Contrary to how most perceive me, I love solitude. I am an extroverted introvert so I really need my down time to re-charge. I strive to live by the ahimsa “no-harm” principles, so I eat mostly plant-based and I try my best not to kill insects or anything living. I am my best self when my body, mind, and spirit are connected. I’m a hobbyist photographer and a newly qualified yoga teacher. Although my experience is in teaching, my true passion is in social work. I hope to pursue my dreams, just waiting for the right opportunity to strike. I strive to live a life of minimalism and sustainability.

Fun Facts:

  • I’ve climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • I’ve been to 33 countries
  • While backpacking in Costa Rica our car broke down 3 times (we also almost died in a car accident!)
  • I rode a camel in Morocco named Bob Marley
  • I watched the Northern Lights in Iceland
  • I’ve been paid to photograph weddings (seems like another life)
  • I’ve bungy jumped in New Zealand
  • I am a PADI advanced open water scuba diver
  • I have lived in Mooloolaba, Australia, London, England, Gulu, Uganda, and Bangkok, Thailand
  • It was always my dream to visit the Amalfi Coast, Italy and now I get to be a MOH in my best friend’s Italian wedding (postponed due to COVID-19)

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