COVID-19: a Community Post

Our lives are changing so rapidly in ways that were unthinkable just a few days ago. My heart is with all of those who are or have been affected by this global pandemic. 

First and foremost, I want to express gratitude to all of the healthcare workers in our community. They are heroes out on the frontlines while we sit at home on our couches. I am honestly so grateful for all that they are doing.

While as a society we are practicing social distancing and non-essentials are shutting down, community is more important now than ever. To anyone reading this I am here for you, and just a phone call or Facetime (or houseparty) away!

The last few days have been incredibly challenging and confusing for everyone. It’s even led me to writing 3 blog posts, something I haven’t done in YEARS ( I mean who blogs anymore?)

I have written two additional blog posts (because I am obsessed with organizing and didn’t want them to be one post lol). One includes resources for parents, and the other is about workouts and entertainment options that are currently available online (these will be working blog posts and I will update as I find out more). 

Things are uncertain, but one thing’s for sure I am grateful to be Canadian. We have started a movement called “caremongering.” The altruism online has been beautiful, and it’s amazing to see all the good happening in different communities. 

Remember,  do your part for the global well-being, all we are being asked is to sit on our couches, we can do this! 

It’s going to be two weeks of growth and change. Also, if you want to join my COVID-19 workout crew, here is the link: (all ar welcome)

I will conclude this post, with yesterday’s message from the universe :

I’m everywhere, Jessie… 

In every home, sitting beside each child, and in the nervous heart of every adult, joyfully radiant. Knowing that this unfolding pandemic, like all crises, will ultimately awaken your spirit, rearrange your priorities, draw you together, and inspire an everlasting compassion.

Life is beautiful. It never ends. Fear not.


  The Universe


and I will also add in this:

If you think you may be experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, please call Toronto Public Health at 416-338-7600.


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